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The Harris Federation

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Academy size

52 schools

Bedrock partners with

32 schools (all secondaries)

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Bedrock partner since

June 2019

Why Bedrock?

There is a shared belief across the Harris Federation, that a learners socioeconomic background should never determine their outcomes, in education and beyond. The idea that every single learner requires vocabulary to be successful was the main driver for taking Bedrock Federation wide.

Bedrock’s impact

The expansion of Bedrock across the Federation demonstrates how successful the platform has been for the Harris Federation. Anecdotally, throughout all of the Harris Academies teachers find that there are learners eager to show off the new knowledge that they have acquired through Bedrock.

When I visit a school and I meet a child that has immersed themselves in Bedrock, and they can show off to me the new words that they have been introduced to and they can use correctly and in context... that means we are doing our job well.

Recbecca Hickey

Secondary Director at Harris Federation

Harris Federation encompasses 32 secondary academies across London and Essex. Following an early pilot with a single class, Bedrock Learning was expanded out to a whole-school partnership - and is now fully embedded across the entire network of Harris Academies.

Bedrock has been fundamental in helping to meet the needs of all learners throughout the academies, from those with low literacy skills to very high achievers, by providing direct vocabulary instruction at an individual level with a personalised approach.

Unified data and reporting across the Federation, alongside inter-school competitions and the sharing of best practice has seen Bedrock Learning become an integral and successful part of Harris Federation's literacy strategy.

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