Success in every subject at St Anselm's Catholic School

St Anselm's Catholic School

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Subjects get to cherry-pick their words, but the way that students learn is completely consistent.

Megan Nee

Literacy Lead at St Anselm's

St Anselm's Catholic School, located in Canterbury, has been using Bedrock Learning to implement a whole school literacy solution across all subjects in the school. This consistent approach has been crucial to success at St Anselm's, enabling different subjects across the school to appreciate the importance of language.

Teachers at St Anselm's have found that using Bedrock to explicitly teach complex vocabulary ahead of topics and lessons has allowed learners to engage more with the content and understand how to use those complex words in their written responses.

We haven't stopped using keywords, we continue to use them, but now they're embedded and students are able to see that word and they already know about it, they already feel comfortable with it. They walk into your lesson and tell you what they already know!

Lucie Turner

History Teacher at St Anselm's

St Anselm's has not only seen improvements in their data, but also a large amount of qualitative evidence of the impact that Bedrock has had throughout the school. This includes increased self-confidence among learners thanks to a deeper understanding of the content that they're learning, and evidence of learners embedding new vocabulary into their extended writing answers.

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Language and literacy are the bedrock of all learning. The Bedrock curriculum offers schools a complete literacy solution and equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

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