Vocabulary Curriculum

Transform vocabulary by moving beyond definitions

Research has shown that we need to think about each new word we learn in a range of different ways before we master it. So that’s how Bedrock teaches...

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A child’s vocabulary at age 4 is a reliable predictor of their educational attainment age 18. By using Bedrock’s vocabulary curriculum, you are no longer leaving language acquisition to chance. Our comprehensive vocabulary curriculum teaches academic vocabulary through original fiction and non-fiction and develops literacy for reading, writing and oracy.

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Bedrock's award-winning interactive learning sequence uses student-friendly descriptions, images, synonyms, antonyms and writing opportunities to make sure every learner masters their new language.

Rich and engaging fiction and non-fiction texts form the context for their learning journey, expanding their cultural capital along the way.

Features built for impact

A ready-made vocabulary curriculum

Building a vocabulary curriculum from scratch is hard and time consuming. Bedrock has done the heavy lifting, so learners can simply log on and start building their vocabulary.

Immersive content

A vast library of human-narrated stories, teaching activities and feedback snippets.

Research-based pedagogy

Introduce learners to new vocabulary in contextualised and multi-modal activities.

Original fiction and non-fiction

Introducing learners to a wide range of engaging texts to increase cultural capital.

Actionable data

Build a comprehensive overview of vocabulary improvement at the learner, class or school level.

Roots and affixes

Increase learners' confidence in breaking down the meaning of unfamiliar words.

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Why Harris partnered with Bedrock

"Bedrock Learning certainly has the power to turn students into linguists and open doors to their futures."

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Contextual learning through original fiction and non-fiction