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Bedrock Learning equips learners with the language and literacy they need to boost educational outcomes, whilst making teachers lives easier. Save time, access high quality resources, meaningful insights and a ready made complete literacy curriculum that is perfect for classwork or homework.

Our mission

Designed by teachers for learners of all abilities, Bedrock's award-winning curriculum helps schools to transform learning and literacy. Bedrock equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

Don't just take our word for it...

The Literacy Challenge

We understand the impact low literacy has on your learners. It limits access to the curriculum. It impacts results in external exams. It restricts earning potential. We believe every child deserves to leave school with confident communication skills. We also know this is not an easy fix, but here’s how Bedrock can help you address the challenges:

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    It takes time to create high-quality resources

    Our research-based curriculum and learning sequence follows best practice and ensures every learner has access to quality resources to improve literacy. We’ve done that work, saving you time.

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    Measuring literacy improvement can be tricky

    Our assessment and reporting tools provide you with deep, meaningful insights into how vocabulary, grammar and subject-specific vocabulary are improving at the school, class and learner level.

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    You’re only one person!

    Bedrock’s technology personalises learning, reteaches misunderstandings and gives meaningful feedback to every learner in the school.

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    It’s hard to know where to start

    Bedrock is a web-based solution providing access to a broad and deep literacy improvement curriculum - we’ve done the curriculum planning for you.

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    Teaching reading is complex

    Becoming an expert reader is about more than being able to decode; learners need a firm grasp of vocabulary and grammar to construct meaning. Bedrock’s curriculum covers these two vital areas with the aim of improving global reading comprehension and reading fluency.

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    Literacy empowers

    Bedrock is designed by teachers who know how much literacy impacts outcomes and how crucial this mission is. Our goal is simple: to provide you with a solution that ensures your learners are prepared for their next stage of learning and life.

Bedrock's award-winning curriculum...

Language and literacy are the bedrock of all learning. Bedrock's online literacy curriculum was created by teachers and encompasses Tier 2 and subject-specific Tier 3 vocabulary, grammar, and GCSE content. The Bedrock curriculum offers schools a complete literacy solution and equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

Easy to launch, easy to manage

We do all of the heavy lifting for you so that your students can begin their literacy improvement journey within a few hours. If you’re a Google classroom, or Microsoft Office 365 school, you don’t even need to issue login credentials. Once you’re up and running there is no need to update your class lists or assign learning content - everything is done for you.

Exceptional ongoing training and support

“The service from Bedrock is exceptional. I’ve never had this kind of service from any other educational platform or provider. We really are very impressed by the level of support we have received.”

Cranbrook School

Head of English

Flexible approach

We know every school is unique, so Bedrock is designed to fit around you and your learners. It can be accessed through any device, from phones to games consoles to library PCs! Some of our partner schools use it for homework, some for classwork and some for a mixture of the two; your dedicated account manager will help you figure out what works best for you.

Subscription Options

Bedrock’s personalised and adaptive approach goes beyond our teaching. Every school is different, so our subscription packages can be mixed by year group.

Book a conversation with one of our team to discuss the best option for your school.

Bedrock is the winner of several international education awards. We are also proud to partner with the following organisations...

The Edtech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
ERA finalist
Educate: Education, research, edtech
Bett Finalist 2022