Transform Tier 3 vocabulary right across the curriculum

Equip your learners with the language and literacy skills they need to excel in every discipline. Bedrock empowers schools to teach tens of thousands of subject-specific words, helping students communicate like experts and thrive in every area of the curriculum.

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Busy teachers with a full curriculum to cover may not always feel like they are able to prioritise the subject-specific vocabulary embedded in the discipline they are teaching.

Bedrock makes targeted and personalised subject-specific vocabulary instruction easy. Access every subject’s key word list in one place, with over 30,000 words taught using a research-based learning sequence, including automatic memory checking and reteaching.

Unlock the power of Tier 3 vocabulary across every subject.
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Our intelligent and nuanced approach to whole-school literacy gives teachers ownership of their Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary teaching.

Bedrock's innovative AI technology will identify and close each student's knowledge gaps and increase their long term retention of vital subject knowledge.

Create a broad, deep and richly engaging curriculum that improves educational outcomes - not just with literacy but across all subjects.

Improving literacy outlines with Education Endowment Foundation guidance


The EEF advises that schools should be "prioritising disciplinary literacy across the curriculum” and that teachers should “provide targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject”. Bedrock will empower you to do just that.


Targeting subject-specific vocabulary with Bedrock...

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    Teach Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary

    Tricky academic and subject-specific vocabulary is the key to unlocking understanding and knowledge in every subject.

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    A personalised vocabulary curriculum

    Every school is different; Bedrock allows you to create a curriculum that is unique to you and your needs, giving you a consistent approach to language learning in your school.

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    Whole-school visibility

    Powerful insights into which words are being taught, retaught and relearned -across each subject, at any point in time. That's powerful learning data, at individual, groups and even whole cohort level.

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    Improve disciplinary literacy

    Encourage every learner to communicate like an expert in every subject across the curriculum.

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    Community-generated content

    A body of rich content generated by our teacher community; ready for you to use, edit or adapt for your school, saving you time.

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    Data-driven recapping

    Recapping on subject-specific vocabulary based on each individual learner's progress, ensuring long-term retention.

Don't just take our word for it...


St. Anselm's Catholic School

It's really great that we can use Bedrock across all subjects in our school. It has really helped us level the playing field and be consistent across all subjects, with the differing needs of disciplinary literacy across the curriculum.

Megan Nee, Literacy Lead