Improving KS2 SATs and Progress scores at Dial Park Primary School



Dial Park Primary School

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James Clark of Dial Park Primary School discussing improving literacy on Bedrock Learning

School size

360 learners

Bedrock users

180 learners

Free School Meals


Ofsted rating:


Bedrock partner since

May 2021

Why Bedrock?

Dial park puts literacy at the centre of everything they do. Supporting their learners to become proficient readers is a vital part of their mission and they understand the crucial impact that vocabulary has on achieving this goal. One teacher wanted to trial Bedrock vocabulary to improve the number of words their learners are able to use to describe things, and that trial in one class saw some amazing results which meant Bedrock was then rolled out across the whole of years 5 & 6.

Bedrock’s impact

Bedrock has supported Dial Park in achieving some of the best SATs results they’ve ever achieved, with both KS2 SATs results and progress scores being well above national averages, for all learners, including those on free school meals.

It’s unlocked a whole new world of vocabulary for [learners] which, without this, they would never have been exposed to.

James Clark

Headteacher at Dial Park Primary School

For every learner to have an equal chance to thrive in the classroom, teachers must bridge the gap between learners from different backgrounds. Teachers at Dial Park Primary School are closing this attainment gap through the implementation of Bedrock Learning.

At Dial Park, Bedrock has contributed to increased KS2 SATs results, significantly above the national average, including fantastic results for learners on free school meals.

We absolutely need [Bedrock] now because we’ve seen the value of it, the teachers can use it very easily … So it's just simple and effective and it absolutely does the job and that’s what teachers need.

James Clark

Headteacher at Dial Park Primary School

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