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Vocabulary's coming home!

Posted on 06-Jul-2018 11:26:55

It’s coming home - but what does it mean?

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m sitting in my living room to catch the mid-match half-time chit-chat as part of my weekly World Cup fix (can you tell I’m not a big football fan?), I often find myself at a complete loss as to what it is they’re actually talking about. Harry Kane spent that first half keeping ‘deep’, that premeditated foul should have been ‘carded’, free kick this, offside that... and can someone please tell me what on Earth a 'lob' is?

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Boost your child's learning with the Bedrock summer challenge!

Posted on 02-Jul-2018 17:00:32

Whilst the 6 week holidays are fantastic for family time, fun, and relaxation, children's language learning can often regress. Parental involvement is key for language learning; it can increase student motivation, boost achievement and maintain attainment.

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Join the Bedrock summer challenge!

Posted on 29-Jun-2018 16:49:22

Already a Bedrock customer? Your school’s Bedrock summer challenge pack will be landing in your inbox very soon.

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5 reasons to book your Bedrock demo today!

Posted on 14-Jun-2018 16:07:25

All great teachers want their students to be confident readers and users of language. The tricky part is figuring out the best methods to help achieve this goal and then committing to implementing those methods effectively. From our research base, we know that students acquire new vocabulary most effectively when it is presented to them via a contextual, consistent and coherent vocabulary curriculum. When delivered correctly, this approach can transform vocabulary teaching in schools.

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Designing a “broad and rich” vocabulary curriculum!

Posted on 04-May-2018 16:16:54

Ofsted. One of the many abbreviations that can shock a teacher with a sudden jolt of anxiety. Other contenders include GCSEs for secondary school teachers, and SATs for our primary friends out there. For the most part, the sense of pressure that comes along with each of these words revolves around the same thing: Ofsted’s accountability framework, which is weighted heavily towards exam results, performance tables, and inspections. In 2019, however, this framework is set to undergo some pretty significant changes. And if recent research and commentary by Ofsted is anything to go by, then there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to take priority: the curriculum.

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Your guide to delivering outstanding vocabulary CPD!

Posted on 01-May-2018 09:43:34

Are you giving whole school literacy CPD the attention it deserves?

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Why Vocabulary Deficits Need Your Attention: The Word Gap Report

Posted on 20-Apr-2018 10:48:35

Back in December 2017, Oxford University Press conducted an online survey with teachers from the around UK. The aim of the research was to explore the nature of the ‘word gap’ that exists for primary and secondary school students. Over the course of a month, the survey received over 1,300 completed responses from 840 secondary school teachers and 473 primary school teachers. The research culminated in a report titled ‘Why Closing the Word Gap Matters: Oxford Language Report’, which has just been released. You can read the report in full here. But for those of you who have 31 mock language papers to mark, we’ve comprised a list of our five key takeaways on ‘Why Closing the Word Gap Matters.’

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Teaching tier two words? 5 strategies you need to know!

Posted on 17-Apr-2018 15:48:45
Editor's notes: After Helen's previous two blogs on 19th century texts and Macbeth proved so popular, I'm very excited to introduce Helen Sharpe's latest advice around effective vocabulary teaching. This time, she is sharing her list of 'five strategies for teaching tier words'. Remember to follow Helen on Twitter @hdsharpe and to check out her personal blog here. And if you'd like to have your own vocabulary work published on our website, make sure to contact us to become one of our Bedrock guest bloggers!
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Building a vocabulary curriculum: the mastery approach

Posted on 19-Mar-2018 15:53:09

The Mastery Mystery

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International Women's Day: Scouting for hidden gems in the library…

Posted on 08-Mar-2018 10:58:07

Like most English teachers, I relish the opportunity to recommend books to students. Only, for some students, browsing the library shelves feels like scouting out the enemy. They search for the least imposing, thinnest book on offer. I always enjoy shifting their perspectives - turning it into a hunt for hidden gems which will open up their minds, world view and ultimately help shape their sense of identity.

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