Bedrock Vocabulary was founded by two English teachers working in London. Aaron Leary was working as a Literacy coordinator and along with many other things, had been tasked with improving the academic vocabulary use of his school’s students. Over the river, Olivia Sumpter was working with a varied cohort of students, with a wide range of learning needs. She was looking for ways to improve their reading comprehension and knew that limited vocabulary was proving a real barrier to learning.

Both Olivia and Aaron observed that there was a language gap between different cohorts of children and as English teachers, knew that narrowing this gap was central to ensuring academic success for all of their students. Teaching vocabulary seemed an ideal place to start, but they were both shocked at the lack of resources or support available and so decided to try and solve the problem themselves. After months of research and development, Bedrock Vocabulary was born: an online, interactive vocabulary curriculum that aims to help teach students the vocabulary they need to succeed, and a bank of resources that support colleagues in tackling the language gap in schools.

Now Bedrock Vocabulary teaches thousands of students across the world. In addition to the digital programme, Aaron and Olivia travel around the UK and beyond, helping schools to improve this critical area of their pedagogy.
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