Bedrock Vocabulary exposes pupils to challenging vocabulary and makes them think deeply about what words mean. The vocabulary assessments allow us to track progress and the app regularly provides us with invaluable feedback on each pupil. The support team provides us with certificates, which inspire pupils to earnestly work through the topics Charlotte Ferreira, Early Intervention Coordinator | St Ursula’s Convent School, Greenwich

Bedrock Vocabulary pupil feedback

How Can Bedrock Support Your School?

  • No Planning

    Hundreds of tier 2 words are taught across a 3 year enrichment programme. No more compiling random word lists. We've done all of the hard work for you.

  • Powerful Data

    We assess every single word, which furnishes you with pupil, class and cohort data – at the word level. Why teach vocabulary randomly when you can be informed by data?

  • Greater Consistency

    With Bedrock, every child will be immersed in aspirational language, regardless of their background, ability or prior engagement with reading.