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How to use formative assessment strategies the right way

Posted on 16-Aug-2017 10:30:14

When students see or hear the word ‘assessment’, they have a tendency to squirm and sigh. For teachers and students alike, it often feels as if classroom culture has become characterised by an endless flood of tests and exams. Most recently, John Swinney - the Education Secretary for Scotland - vowed to introduce reforms that will allow Scottish students to spend “less time on assessment and more time on learning.” The general impression seems to be that there is a dichotomy between the exhausting, regimental testing of ‘assessments’, and the fascinating endeavour that should be ‘learning’. But what this ignores is the middleground: formative assessment strategies that are fun and educational. Is it not possible to evaluate our students’ learning, whilst still keeping them engaged, curious and imaginative?

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Topics: Formative Assessment