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The Language Of The Exam Hall: How To Prepare Your Students

Posted on 11-Mar-2019 14:04:36

One comment we frequently hear from students is that they were delighted to see a question on their favourite theme/character/poem pop up in the paper, but there was a word in the question that they didn’t understand and so they opted for another question. ‘How does the poet’s writing make his thoughts and feelings so vivid for you?’ was a gift of a question for a class I taught a few years back: they knew the poem inside out and back to front, but the word ‘vivid’ caused them to turn away, insecurity rearing its ugly head as they decided not to tackle it.

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Build Your First Class Display, The Vocabulary Way

Posted on 25-Jul-2018 10:04:33

Ah, the summer holidays - a time for teachers to relax and reflect on another successful year of teaching. But if you’re an eager (and perhaps a slightly nervous) NQT, you’d be forgiven for wanting to use this time to prepare for the beginning of your teaching adventure. Well, being organised is always going to make the process smoother (as long as you still make room for rest and leisure), so let’s talk about one of the more fun, creative parts of your summer checklist: the classroom display!

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Vocabulary's Coming Home!

Posted on 06-Jul-2018 11:26:55

It’s coming home - but what does it mean?

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m sitting in my living room to catch the mid-match half-time chit-chat as part of my weekly World Cup fix (can you tell I’m not a big football fan?), I often find myself at a complete loss as to what it is they’re actually talking about. Harry Kane spent that first half keeping ‘deep’, that premeditated foul should have been ‘carded’, free kick this, offside that... and can someone please tell me what on Earth a 'lob' is?

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5 Strategies you need to know if you're teaching tier two words

Posted on 17-Apr-2018 15:48:45
Editor's notes: After Helen's previous two blogs on 19th century texts and Macbeth proved so popular, I'm very excited to introduce Helen Sharpe's latest advice around effective vocabulary teaching. This time, she is sharing her list of 'five strategies for teaching tier words'. Remember to follow Helen on Twitter @hdsharpe and to check out her personal blog here. And if you'd like to have your own vocabulary work published on our website, make sure to contact us to become one of our Bedrock guest bloggers!
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Wintry Writing on World Book Day

Posted on 28-Feb-2018 17:15:48

This morning, I woke up with a very unusual impulse to come into work dressed as the Cat in the Hat. After a short moment of introspection, I realised that this could mean only one thing: IT’S WORLD BOOK DAY!

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Building confidence: teaching ambitious vocabulary through 19th century texts

Posted on 15-Feb-2018 09:31:09

Editor's notes: After the success of her last blog post, Helen Sharpe has returned to share more great literacy tips! This time, she discusses how she uses reading and writing challenges to encourage her students to confidently use and understand ambitious vocabulary. You can visit Helen's blog here, or follow her on Twitter @hdsharpe. And if you want to have your own work published on our site, contact us any time!

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How to help your child use ambitious vocabulary

Posted on 02-Feb-2018 16:16:40

Every parent wants to help their child thrive at school, with good reason. It’s been shown that parental involvement increases student motivation, achievement and attainment. Simply by reading this guide and understanding how, what and why your child is being taught at school, you are better placed to help your child make further progress at home.

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How to engage your students with academic vocabulary

Posted on 30-Jan-2018 11:54:59

Editor's notes: In our second ever guest blog - and the first blog post of 2018 - Yamina Bibi discusses how her discovery of Isabel Beck's vocabulary research allowed her to 'bring words to life' in her English classroom. Yamina is the SSAT Lead Practitioner at Sarah Bonnell School. To find out more about her vocabulary journey, follow her on Twitter @msybibi, or visit her school's teaching and learning blog here.

As always, if you're interested in having your vocabulary work published on the Bedrock blog, be sure to contact us

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