Closing the word gap

Bedrock Learning has created a digital vocabulary curriculum to close the word gap between students. Our vocabulary curriculum has content from primary through to secondary, as well as GCSE terminology content.

The 30 million word gap:

By the age of 3, a child from a ‘welfare’ background would be exposed to around 30 million fewer words than a child from a ‘professional’ background. – Todd Hart and Betty Risley  (The Early Catastrophe, 2003) 

How does Bedrock Learning narrow word gaps?

We cannot rely on incidental vocabulary acquisition to narrow word gaps between students, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Further, closing language gaps isn’t a quick fix.

Bedrock Learning closes language gaps by explicitly teaching vocabulary in a long-term digital programme. By implementing explicit vocabulary teaching before students reach the end of primary, we help to close the 19.2 month gap between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. (Closing the gap? Report. Education policy institute. 2017)

Boosting young children’s vocabulary has been highlighted as a major priority in the Government’s social mobility action plan published, 14th December 2017. Boosting vocabulary is a key factor in narrowing language gaps between students and levelling the playing field.